Welcome to the world's best & top free dating website - Mate4all.com Finding singles online was never easy but Mate4all.com took a revolutionary step in online dating and made dating available to all with 100% free dating service. We have thousands of adult singles, men, women, boys, girls from all over the world. Our database is full of girls with mobile / phone number listed in their personals. Visit their profiles, call the girls and arrange your date! Personal contacts are never hidden, It's free dating service and we mean it.
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The Only 100% Free Dating Site: Mate4all is the only free online dating site with over 5 million personals from all over the world, offering 100% free dating service for those who hates using credit card to find their love online. When we made Mate4all.com- a free dating website, we knew the challenge behind this free offer, as almost every website that claims to be a 100% free dating site, has some catch here and there and once you register with them, you realize that the free offer was just a myth. So, in online dating industry, Mate4all.com is a revolution. Now free dating is not at all a dream, we are here with state of art functionalities, better and refine searches that give wide range of options to know your soul mate better. Every day thousands of singles use Mate4all.com to find their online match and our dating community is just getting bigger and bigger day by day. Thank you everyone for joining us! More Free Dates For Singles Than Any Other Dating Website: The whole idea of making this dating website was to offer a unique and exclusive dating service for the needy one. People and specially youth that are unable to pay to find their love can get that right here with no cost. In most cases, it is not possible for young guys and girls to become a paid member of costly dating services. And even if you ask for our opinion, YES, Love should be free. So we are a threat for other dating websites that tried to advertise themselves as "free dating websites" but actually there is nothing free. The only Free thing you find there is "Registration" and as soon as you receive message from any member, you need to pay to read. So again, it's a kind of disclaimer from our side: "Among free online dating sites we are the only dating service that offers a 100% free online dating service without any catch. Mate4all.com is the ONLY and TRULY Free Dating Website. 100% Genuine Personals 100% Genuine Friends & Soulmate: If you have visited other sites and are apprehensive about the members - rest assured! You won't find anything fake but 100% genuine personals only. EVERY dating profile is Genuine here. Enormous efforts have gone into ensuring this and the results are all there for you to enjoy. If you need the proof of our genuine effort, please visit Here and take a look at fraud and scammers blocked by us so far. No other dating website in the world has blocked scammers on this level. We manually scan each and every profile to prevent online dating fraud and scamming. As soon as someone registers with us, it goes for activation and our spam control team manually examines personals and as soon as they find something fishy, it's blocked. More than 20,000 fraud personals have been blocked so far and on an average we block more than 35 personals daily.
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